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stop account sharing

Stop account sharing for paid subscriptions

Detect shared accounts and convert them to new paid accounts.
An API for your website, blog, video streaming site, or newsletter.

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of 18-29 year olds share passwords to online accounts with friends and family

An API and plugins to identify and monetize users that are using your services for free

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Get real-time information on how many of your users are sharing accounts

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Identify shared accounts in real-time
pop up to block shared accounts


Sign out, warn, or disable shared accounts

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Convert shared accounts into new paid accounts

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convert shared accounts into new paid accounts
notify user to new sign-in


Alert your users to sign-ins from new devices and locations

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Integrates with your...

video streaming site

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An SDK to detect sharing beyond just concurrent streams: know when users are sharing an account even if they watch at different times.

Wordpress site

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A Wordpress plugin for a zero-code setup on your site or blog.


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Tracking on your newsletter to make sure emails aren't forwarded to non-paying members.

any website

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An API and Javascript SDK that will work on any website.

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